The Aurora Pointe Shoe

As soon as you put on Aurora Dancewear's new Pointe shoes, you'll know it was a shoe designed with a dancer in mind. Not only does it epitomise the ultimate in elegance, it fits like a glove, and it is as close as you will get in a Pointe shoe to being as comfortable as one! The snug fit of the box around the toes takes the pressure off the nails; heaven for all those who, like me, suffer with bruised and black toe nails. The shoe flexes to emphasize the arch of your foot, yet stays hard and supportive on the Pointe and underneath the foot to give a shoe that is built to last. It can be expensive going through pair after pair that break as easily as a pencil, but Aurora have at last found the answer. As well as having all the practicalities that are needed by the modern ballerina dancing to the demands of the 21st Century, the elegant curve of the elongated vamp gives a natural finish to the foot, and with a beautiful arch on Pointe, even the worst of feet can look gorgeous. After years of going through every make of shoe available, I have at last found a pair that solves all my Pointe shoe problems!

Chantelle Burton