Painted Body Suits (photos October 17th 2009

Billy Elliott (photos September 2008)

Winchester College Admission of Scholars (photos taken 3rd September 2008)

Gymnastics - catsuit (photo July 2007)

Unitards EU Day (photos April 2007)

Harrods, Knightsbridge, London (photos taken 29th November 2005)

Readhead = Scott (photos received 19th June 2005)

Channel Four Television (news print 16th September 2004)

John Boyd of Knightsbridge (photo received 14th June 2004)

Ballet West (photos received 26th May 2004)

Tutu decorated by Rhonda (photo received 20th April 2004)

The Gemini Dancers (photos received 24th March 2004)

Geoff Capes


Harrods photos by Ray Schram

Rita Roberts (photos received 13th March 2004)

Giselle (photos received 3rd March 2004)

Wimbledon Ballet

Early Pictures